Rajat kumar Sharma was born to the family of the  Prem Anand Shatma in 1974 in  India his current Occupation is  Consultant ( Global Trade )

Social Leadership , Global Management, Global Goodwill Ambassador , Networking Leader

Various International & National Awards Winners , International Marketing Expert ( 25 yrs ) Realty, Agriculture ,Global Trade, we also into Corporate Hospitality, Theme Park, Water Park, Resort Development, Infrastructure, International Trade, Brand Development, Negotiations, Business Strategy

Planning Global Operations Marketing Network Development, Market Research, Team Management, Brand Management, Channel Management.

  • An award-winning executive professional with progressive experience
  • Highly developed and proven creative, operational and results-driven skills in Public Service, Management, Business Development and Project Management environments
  • Leadership and negotiation empowered through decades of experience in government relations, stakeholder management and a empathic view
  • Strong eye for identifying problems, resolving crisis situations with viable solutions

¤ Visited 34 Countries for the same

| Social Media | Author | Analyst | Content Marketing | Personal Branding | Thought Leader | Speaker | Coach

Specializes in Global Marketing & Social Media Leadership

Global Movement & Initiatives – We are spearheaded to Pull for 11.5 Million People & 20,000+ entities across 200+ countries, with Profile Makeovers, Powerful Content Posting, Post creation, Content Engagement, Growth hacks, Networking concepts.

– Global Golden Award as Most Notable and Top Distinguished Leader of the Rare Fame of 21 st Century by International Chartered World Learned Society

– Global Golden Award as Most Notable and Top Distinguished Knights Order of Asia of 21 st Century by Chartered World Order of the Knights of Justice of Peace

– Global Golden Award of Honorary Doctorate Degree of Crown University Intl Chartered Inc,

– Gold Millenium International Award 2006

– Gold Millenium International Award 2006

– Honorary Doctorate from OIUPMS- Shri Lanka -2008

– Guest of Honours Award by SKD University – Rajasthan

– Guest of Honour Award –Chhatrapati Shivaji Unversity – Mumbai – Excellent Social Activist Award – Rajasthan

– International Award for Excellent in Management –Research Foundation of India – Bharat Gaurav Award

– Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award

– Diplomatic Mission Award – Mumbai

– Humanitarian Excellent Award – Mumbai

– Global Goodwill Ambassador Award – USA

+30 More State / National Awards …since 20 years

– Social Work For Humanitarian Development

– Human Rights with Amnesty International from 1995

– UNEDP CCC for Climate Control

– Research work for Poor Student Education Development Program

– Right to Education, Women Empowerment

– Child Abuse

– Green Energy Development

– Sustainable Development

Through Global Social Media we can developing think tank, research and advocacy and organization, that works to realize Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of a Nonviolent World Order, by creating public awareness of nonviolence as knowledge critical to human survival. It works for the promotion of nonviolent conflict resolution, peace education, citizen diplomacy and peace programs in India and abroad.

Non violence is a fundamental of every sphere of Gandhi’s life – personal, public, community and political. He urges us to consciously choose nonviolence over violence because it is, “The Law of our Species”; i.e., the right thing to do as human beings. He also equates Nonviolence with Love: “The Law of Nonviolence which is the Law of Love is The Law of our Species.” So to fully understand Gandhi’s concept and practice of nonviolence, we may compare it with love, as their components are the same. For instance, trust is the basis of love (a meaningful relationship) whether personal or political. Thus mistrust among nation states leads to greater expenditure on military defence to deter attack and to view each other as enemies.

Road-Map in details towards the Social Entrepreunership

International trade, technology, and investment law. It studies the relationship between globalization and human rights, assuming that international society accepts human rights as a fundamental goal and globalization as a generally positive phenomenon. After considering whether or not globalization is favorable to the promotion and protection of human rights, and whether or not the promotion and protection of human rights is favorable to globalization, the Article examines several approaches for the promotion and protection of human rights in the era of globalization:

(1) emphasizing state responsibility for the actions of non-state actors;

(2) imposing international legal obligations directly on non-state actors, including international institutions, multilateral enterprises, and individuals;

(3) encouraging private regulation through corporate codes of conduct, product labeling, and other consumer or corporate actions; and

(4) involving non-state actors directly in the activities of international organizations to promote and protect human rights.